Table Project: Basic to Mid-Century Modern

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Table Project: Basic to Mid-Century Modern

I’ve been looking for a cool table, and although I love Danish-designed 50s tables, having  a veneer table isn’t always the best idea with a 2 year old around.  I’d prefer to have something sturdier.  A farmer’s table isn’t really going to cut it in a mid-century house.  I found this site IKEA Hackers, and although this project uses an IKEA table, you could use any solid wood table top.  In fact I’d rather use something I might pick up at a garage sale.  The legs were removed and replaced with metal hairpin legs.  Our dining room isn’t very big so I imagine that having the see-through legs, will add to a sense of space.

Hairpin legs on a normal table top.

You can see a full description of her project here – seems simple enough, even for me!  But I think the American will probably want to take over this one, being an engineer and all.


You can get the hairpin legs (and they do ship internationally) here.  I did a quick search on google for the legs in NZ but couldn’t see anything – does anyone know if you can get them?  Of course you could always combine the legs of a mid-century table with a sturdier table top as another project!


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New Vintage: Retro Table Lamp

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New Vintage: Retro Table Lamp

I am always on the look out for a cool lamp and these retro table lamps have a cool 60s vibe about them.  They come in red, black or red and are made of metal.  They would look great on your bedroom or living room side table, and it looks like they give out good task lighting so would be perfect to read by in the evening.

Metal retro-styled lamp $39

They are usually $89 but are selling at Once It (you need to sign in to visit this sale site) for $39.  Sale ends today so get in quick!




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