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Retro Furniture: Cabinet with Hairpin Legs

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Retro Furniture: Cabinet with Hairpin Legs

I love browsing through Etsy and Felt, and today I feel lucky as I uncovered this not-too-expensive gem. I wrote about tables with hairpin legs last week, and now here’s a cute cabinet with hairpin legs for sale on Felt.

Measuring just under a metre wide, and 67cm high it would be great for a smaller room, or a nook that needs filling.  It is made from oak and has a waxed finish, and has the nice smaller price of $139.

Small retro sideboard with hairpin legs $139

You can read more about it here.

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New Vintage: Retro Table Lamp

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New Vintage: Retro Table Lamp

I am always on the look out for a cool lamp and these retro table lamps have a cool 60s vibe about them.  They come in red, black or red and are made of metal.  They would look great on your bedroom or living room side table, and it looks like they give out good task lighting so would be perfect to read by in the evening.

Metal retro-styled lamp $39

They are usually $89 but are selling at Once It (you need to sign in to visit this sale site) for $39.  Sale ends today so get in quick!




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Nood Sale: Sphere Hang It All Hooks

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Nood Sale: Sphere Hang It All Hooks

I’ve been looking for some cool coat hooks, and they are surprisingly hard to come by.  Nood is having their Spring sale with some big savings, and I see that these sphere hooks, inspired by the Eames Hang It All Rack, are on sale.  At 50% off, it could be the right time to pick up one of these funky retro coat hooks.  It’s a good copy of a mid-century classic, originally designed in 1953 for kids.  It’s a great way to inject some colour into your home.

Retro Eames-inspired design – Coat hook at $119

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Vintage-Inspired Clothing on Sale: Miss Sparrow!

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Vintage-Inspired Clothing on Sale: Miss Sparrow!

Once It has a fantastic sale of Miss Sparrow clothes, starting at only $45.   Miss Sparrow is all about bringing out the best of the forties and fifties, combining retro classics with a modern twist.

I love these great black capri pants – you can channel your inner Audrey Hepburn, all for only $59.

Miss Sparrow’s ‘Smokin Pants’ $59

Or how about this animal-patterned pencil skirt, made from cotton lycra, only $69.

Miss Sparrow ‘Wildat’ pencil skirt $69

This sky blue satin top looks very flattering and is only $45.

Miss Sparrow ‘Sweetie’ top $45

And finally it looks like she only has one of these ‘Frida’ dresses left at $125, so get in quick if it’s your kind of thing.

Miss Sparrow ‘Frida’ dress $125

I am really thinking about the capri pants – they would be a great staple to get me through the next season to summer.  Once It is an invitation-only site, get your invite here.

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Spring Glamour: Audrey’s Capri Pants

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Spring Glamour: Audrey’s Capri Pants

The weather is a bit warmer, so it’s time to think about a Spring look!  Especially as Spring seems to last forever in New Zealand if summer comes late.  My first must was my big Jackie O sunglasses, and now I’m looking for a good everyday look.  This photo of Audrey Hepburn’s outfit is practical and stylish in a retro way.  For those of us running around after children flat shoes (for some of the time) are a must!  And capris have a summery feeling without showing too much.

Audrey Hepburn in capri pants and ballet flats

For a casual look, denim capris could be a solution – Sussan has a new pair of jeans out called the ‘Lift and Shape Jean’, which could be good for pulling in any wayward jiggly bits.  They are selling them online, or there are a few shops still open around New Zealand. I love the way Sussan jeans fit, so these would be worth trying on.  Esprit doesn’t have an online shop but I’d also check their store out as they can have really good jeans – they also have a ‘suck-in’ version!

Sussan Lift and Shape capri jeans: $AU119

Jeans West are coming out with a denim capri – it’s in their Aussie online store, but I’m not sure if they have hit our shores yet.  They are usually quite reasonable too.

Jeans West denim capri

Glassons are of course everywhere, and online as well.  They have denim capris, in indigo and in a range of colours for $49.

Glassons denim capris $49

And if you’re on a budget, Ezibuy has Ea pair of denim capri jeans in both light and dark blue (sorry they only had a picture in the light blue) and are only $29!  They look a bit shorter than the other jeans we’ve been checking out.

Ezibuy denim capris $29



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Trade Me Watch: New Zealand Flag Chair

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Trade Me Watch: New Zealand Flag Chair

This is a great way to upcycle an old school chair – getting the last of Olympic fever and painting a New Zealand flag on one.  I know Junk and Disorderly had them for sale for quite a while – worth checking out anyway!

Or you could just buy this one, bidding is only at $22 and it closes tonight.

Upcycled school chair, with the NZ Flag painted on it: bids at $22

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