Retro Find: Vintage Hawaiian Dress

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Retro Find: Vintage Hawaiian Dress

Sometimes you walk into an op shop and you just know you are going to find something.  I popped in to a Hospice store on the way to Scandretts Bay, North of Auckland.  It was an op shop like we used to have in Auckland – not overpriced, full of interesting and odd things, and with lovely helpful staff.  I had the Kid with me so sadly couldn’t lose myself for hours as I would have liked to, but did manage to have a bit of a rummage.

And the first thing that I found was the only thing I ended up walking out with – this gorgeous vintage Peggy Wood Hawaiian dress.  And the best bit is that I can squeeze into it right now!  I hope with another slow 6 months of baby weight loss, it’ll look amazing.  It looks made for a short person like me.  The other best bit was the price – $8!

It is made from cotton, with what I think is a floral batik pattern printed on it.  It has an elastic side gusset and a fab sarong skirt.  Just lovely.

Peggy Wood, Honolulu, Hawaiian Dress

The gorgeous neckline, showing the batik pattern

Looks like the sarong skirt is a signature for Peggy Wood – love this one found on Etsy


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Friday Frocks: Bella Vintage’s Gorgeous Dresses

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Friday Frocks:  Bella Vintage’s Gorgeous Dresses

Bella Vintage has done it again!  She has some beautiful dresses in just in time for the party season, and they aren’t copies they are the real deal.

The Red Dress

Check out this perfect red dress with the full skirt – and it is in a wearable size 12.  I’ve asked Sarah to let us know about the fabric so I’ll update this post later.  EDIT: it’s chiffon!  Bust: 39″, waist 28″ with full hips.  You’d be able to eat extra canapes without anyone noticing your growing stomach!

The Red Dress $97

I love this teal shirtwaister, which is a smaller size 8, with it’s gorgeous black trim.  It’s on hold, but you could get lucky being the back-up buyer.

Teal shirtdress: $65

She has some gorgeous stock coming up this summer, so make sure you check out her shop, but not this morning as it is down for maintenance!




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Retro Cateye Sunglasses – only $10!

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Retro Cateye Sunglasses – only $10!

That 1950s look!

Photo via Hairstyle Twist.

Do you want to get that retro 1950s look but don’t want to invest heavily?  These catseye sunglasses are in the latest Warehouse mailer and are only $9.99.  I don’t imagine they will be very good quality, but I’ll pop along this week and check them out and report back.  For that price, they could be a fun way to get a fresh look for summer.  They don’t look too pointy as well so should suit a variety of face shapes.

Cateye glasses from the Warehouse: $9.99

They aren’t on the Warehouse online store site, so you’ll need to stop at the brick and mortar store to pick up a pair (they have wedges on sale at the moment as well, so you could pick up a cheapy pair of shoes too while you’re there!).

If you are after a higher quality pair of sunglasses, check out my post here for designer cateye sunglasses.

SmartBuyGlasses New Zealand

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Vintage Hawaiian Dress: Alfred Shaheen – size 12-14!

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Vintage Hawaiian Dress: Alfred Shaheen – size 12-14!

I love vintage Hawaiian dresses, and with summer hopefully coming soon I dangerously ventured onto eBay.  And what did I find but a gorgeous from the 1950s or 60s – and in a hard-to-find larger size (not that large, but bigger than usual tiny vintage sizes).  I am very very tempted.  It is gorgeous, and even has the date, 1957, on the selvage of the fabric

Alfred Shaheen Hawaiian sundress: bidding starts at US$99

The listing says the dress is in very good condition – with the print still vibrant .  It is about a NZ size 12-14 (it says 10-12 but that is American sizing).  The actual measurements are included in the listing,

Click here to see more about this fab dress.  Bids start at US$99, and postage to NZ is $13.75.  Tempted?

Close up of the fabulous Alfred Shaheen fabric

’1957 by Alfred Shaheen’


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Max Fashion’s New Ad

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Max Fashion’s New Ad

Max has a new ad out and it has a real vintage vibe to it.  It starts with a pretty grey lace 1960s-inspired dress, has the whole big sunglasses and head-scarf Audrey look, has a sexy secretary and then a fun 60s colourblock dress.  Lots of cute looks if you are looking for something new but vintage-inspired.

Max Fashion’s new colourblock range

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Vintage Wedding Inspiration: Tea Length Bridesmaid Dresses

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Vintage Wedding Inspiration: Tea Length Bridesmaid Dresses

Continuing on from my earlier post about vintage-inspired wedding dresses, how about some colourful 1950s-inspired bridesmaid dresses like in this wedding photo?

Dan O'Day Vintage Wedding Photographs

Tea-length wedding dress…and I love those bridesmaids’ dresses.

Photo by Dan O’Day - an amazing photographer based in Australia.

Get the Look

As I went through in the last post, there are a few places you can try looking for tea-length dresses – you can try the beautiful dresses of Pixie Pocket down in Christchurch, who makes to order.  You could try Bella Vintage for the real deal – she imports vintage dresses from the US.

If you are in a hurry and want a bargain, you could try Unique Vintage in the US, who post internationally – you could find your all your bridal party’s dresses in one place.  They also take returns, which is a great if you are a bit nervous about ordering online.

Vintage-inspired Bridesmaids’ Dresses

Start the look with this tea-length red crinoline petticoat:

Red tea-length crinoline: US$44

For a more traditional bridesmaid look, you could have a bridesmaid in this navy satin 1950s swing dress:

Navy satin 1950s swing dress: US$110


You could have one bridesmaid in this polka-dot navy 1950s style swing dress:

Navy Polka-dot Swing Dress US$110

And another in blue but this time it’s a blue floral 1950s halter swing dress.

Blue floral swing dress: US$128

Or for a different floral pattern, you could have a dress in this Turquoise Hydrangea 1950s Swing Dress:

Turquoise Hydrangea Swing Dress: US$124

For Alternative Wedding Inspiration

Offbeat Bride: Creative Alternatives for Independent BridesOffbeat Bride: Creative Alternatives for Independent Brides

5 stars on Fishpond and only $13.97

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