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Fiat Bambinas in Italy

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Fiat Bambinas in Italy

I was going through some old photos and found these Fiat 500 photos from our trip to Italy.  How I love this car!  It’s a few years ago now, so I’m looking so young!  One day I would love to have a Fiat Bambina – we had a pale blue one when I was growing up.  My most vivid memories of it was being towed (quite often!) and that the rust was so bad that you could just see the road through the floor when driving along!  It always felt like you were driving very fast, even when you weren’t.

1960s fiat bambina

Loved this Fiat 500! It has floral linen upholstery.

An orangy-red Bambina

The new-ish version of the Fiat 500.


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Trade Me Watch: 1964 Cortina Mark 1

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Trade Me Watch: 1964 Cortina Mark 1

This is someone’s love – a lichen green 1964 Cortina Mark 1 for sale on Trade Me.  From the listing:

Since owning this car I have taken it to pieces, cleaned, fixed and made this car into the attention seeking beauty it now is.
Features include:
- New interior carpet, original dark green.
- New original spec Roof lining (Cream)
- New original spec vinyl bench seats (Cream)
- Ex-stereo hole covered with custom nameplate engraved with “Jimmy D” cars name and philosophy “dream as if you will live forever, live as if you will die today”, fitting for a car that gives everything to hit the road each day.
- Full bluetooth stereo hidden away in the glovebox, can control stereo from smartphone, bluetooth mp3 player without touching or seeing stereo, also CD radio compatible…
- Wooden Steering Wheel
- Uniden immobilizer
- Heater, fan in working condition
- White Walls tires…
- Current engine is a 1300 Crossflow engine, drives great, sits at 100km fine, small oil leak.
- 1600 Cross flow is out of the car at present as it gets painted, have fast road cam, weber carbs and had planned to put these on whilst engine was out.

It’ll set you back $16,000 though!

1964 Cortina Mark 1

Cortina interior, with new white vinyl, dark green carpet and wooden steering wheel

The cutest behind

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Retro Cars I Love: Nissan Figaro

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Retro Cars I Love: Nissan Figaro

Ever since a friend in Tokyo let me sit in his mother’s car, I have loved the Nissan Figaro.  It’s got 1960′s styling without the headaches of a classic car, perfect!  With its white interior and sunroof, it makes you feel like you are in an Audrey Hepburn movie.  One day I will own one!

Nissan Figaro in green

Wikipedia tells us:

The Figaro was introduced at the 1989 Tokyo Motor Show under the slogan “Back to the Future”… It was based on the K10 Nissan Micra aka March. Only four colours were available: Topaz Mist, Emerald Green, Pale Aqua and Lapis Grey. Each colour symbolised a season of the year. When the car was launched, Topaz Mist was the least popular colour. There were only 2,000 produced in Topaz Mist hence they have become increasingly rare. The Figaro was sold without the Nissan name.

The Figaro was equipped with leather seats, air conditioning, CD player and an open roof. It was designed by Shoji Takahashi, who won a design competition with the car.  The engine was Nissan’s MA10ET, a turbocharged 1.0 L (987 cc) I4.

Only 8,000 were originally available with an additional 12,000 added to production numbers to meet demand. Prospective purchasers had to enter a lottery to be able to buy one of these cars.

There’s a cute green one (my favourite colour choice) that lives in my neighbourhood.  They don’t come up for sale very often, but this week on Trade Me there is a blue Figaro for $12,000.  Looks like the headlights have been changed, but otherwise in great original condition.

Light interior

Cute bottom!

Love the retro styling!


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Retro Cars: Fiat Bambina

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Retro Cars: Fiat Bambina

Isn’t the Fiat 500 one of the classic retro cars?  I would love to own one – a friend of mine owns a perfect white Bambina and I am jealous.  We had pale blue one when I was growing up that was so rusty, you could see the road beneath you as we were driving along!  I have many memories of having to get towed home, and of how fast you felt it was going zooming around Scenic Drive (I am sure it wasn’t fast at all but it felt fast).

This orange-red Bambina, newly imported, is listed on Trade Me for a $5450.  Some nice details in the listing – Stereo: singing really loud; central locking: you can reach both doors when seated :) .

Fiat Bambina for sale

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Retro Car Project: Austin A35

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Retro Car Project: Austin A35

This gorgeous 1959 Austin A35 was spotted parked next to a vet clinic in Orewa and must be the vet’s retro project to be in such amazing condition.  Love the green.  This model is the predecessor to the mini, and replaced the A30 – the upgrade being a larger rear windscreen, differnent front grill treatment and a larger version of the A series engine which gave the car much better performance.

Spotted in Orewa: Austin A35

Predecessor to the Mini

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