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Retro Renovation: Seagrass Matting

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Retro Renovation: Seagrass Matting

While doing our big retro renovation, I decided I wanted to get a mat for our kitchen floor.  As it’s a narrow space, I wanted something like a runner carpet, but being a food zone it needed to be practical.  I love the squares of seagrass matting – seen recently in my post about the Marlborough Sounds bach here – they remind be of baches and growing up in the 70s, but they were surprisingly hard to find.  I guess they are not in fashion any more.

Retro bach with seagrass matting squares on the floor

I did end up finding one mat store online that sell the seagrass matting tiles.  The squares are 30.5cm squares and come off the roll in 9 square widths – at $40 each row.  Then you just decide how many rows you want.  You can see more here.

You can see a peek of the mat in front of our fridge

I got 3 rows wide and it fits our kitchen perfectly.  It’s a practical choice as the bits of food and muck don’t stick to the matting, instead it falls through, so you can just vacuum it up every couple of days.  It’s soft under foot, and helps to stop things breaking when you have a 2 year old rummaging in the cupboards.  I wish I’d done it before!

Seagrass matting squares are perfect for grubby areas.

Photo: A Simple Life Afloat



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Trade Me Watch: Vintage Kid’s Wallpaper

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Trade Me Watch: Vintage Kid’s Wallpaper

I love this wallpaper!  If you are looking for a Cath Kidston look without the Cath Kidston price, how about this vintage wallpaper?  It has great pictures of surfing, skiing, wind-surfing and hand-gliding on it – perfect for an active Master or Miss.

And it’s a steal – 11 rolls for $105 buy now!  She’ll split the rolls as well for you if you are thinking about doing one wall only and don’t need that much.  I’ve seen some great furniture recently covered in wallpaper, so that’s another project idea with this wallpaper!

11 rolls of retro children’s wallpaper: $105 buy now

Vintage wallpaper covered dresser


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Retro Laundry Inspiration

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Retro Laundry Inspiration

I seem to spend so much time doing laundry these days, I need to make our laundry area (it’s shared with a bathroom)a bit more user friendly and interesting.  I am a bit tired of looking at the same old blank walls.  So today’s post is a bit of laundry inspiration.

Great for bigger areas, vintage laundry and sewing room – love the sorting baskets!

Organised and room to fold – love the art work!

That’s what I need, a chandelier in the laundry! The drying rack is cool.

Junk-style laundry

I’d love to have colourful appliances!


Teeny tiny laundry area like mine – in aqua again. There’s a trend for laundries to be in aqua.

A bight laundry using baskets

A laundry using bright accessories

Another cute laundry

Eclectic laundry – pistachio green and red


Just in case I complain too much about doing washing…here’s a reminder about what it could be like!



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Tretchikoff and JH Lynch Wall Murals: Surface View

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Tretchikoff and JH Lynch Wall Murals: Surface View

Are you looking for something for your wall that is high impact, but don’t quite want to go to wallpaper?  Some of our favourite retro prints are printed by English company, Surface View,  into murals you can paste onto your wall like wallpaper.  They have a vintage archive that includes Tretchikoff and Lynch prints as well as a whole lot more that look fabulous – old maps, sexy pin-up playing cards, vintage photos, and ads.

They start from 70 pounds per metre, and free shipping on orders over 150 pounds.

Tretchikoff mural – about $140 per sq metre

Vintage photo mural

Images living etc.

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Retro Project Help: Decorative Knobs

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Retro Project Help: Decorative Knobs

If you are thinking about upcycling a plain piece of furniture, these knobs might help.  I’ve looked for decorative knobs before and they haven’t been the easiest to find in New Zealand and the ones I have found have been $20+!  Too much in other words.

Ezibuy has a selection of knobs to help you finish off that project – Moroccan, white buffalo bone, blue and white china and glass for that vintage shabby chic look.  They are priced between $8.99 and $12.99.

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Retro Project: Art-Deco Inspired Fireguard

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Retro Project: Art-Deco Inspired Fireguard

Feeling very lucky sitting here by the fire with the little sprog only metres away as the American has designed us an Art Deco-inspired Fireguard.  We looked at a lot of fireguards in New Zealand and there just wasn’t much available that was interesting.  I liked the wooden fireguards but I’m not sure fire and wood make a good combination.

He wanted it in sheet metal, but it ended up being laser-cut Aluminium (not sure how they differ in performance) and it isn’t quite finished as it needs to be powder coated in a colour of choice.  We are thinking to go for a matt metal as there is a lot of colour, and far too much white in the room already, and black, meh, too dark.  I would have loved a red one like our heater guard that he also designed, but my curtains are a full-on copper silk so might all be a bit too much.

All Posters have a great selection of Art Deco Posters and Prints

 Pacific Star Pacific Star Panhard LinesPanhard Lines  

He was inspired by those great Art Deco ship posters, and the stylised clouds you see in Art Deco design.  There were issues of course as there is nowhere the sprog can climb and nowhere little hands can fit through.

I’m keen to get him to design a retro-inspired fireguard next – maybe with three ducks flying or a black woman’s head like my new chalkware head- or maybe a Pasifika designed fireguard.

Art Deco inspired Fireguard designed by my American

Art Deco inspiration: Art Deco Ship poster

Art Deco cloud patterns


Our heater guard, powder-coated in red



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