How to Clean Rust off Chrome Chair Legs

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How to Clean Rust off Chrome Chair Legs

I have these fab polyprop and chrome Robin Day Hille chairs that I have had for quite a few years now.  After buying yet another set of dining chairs, I decided it was time to sell these on Trade Me. And although they have continued to be super-comfortable and structurally sound, they had become a bit grubby and there was some light surface rust to the chrome.  It was time to spruce these babies up before they go off to their new owner.

I did some research online about how to clean rust off chrome and it was surprisingly easy!  You can either use very fine gauge steel wool, or aluminium foil with some water, and just rub it off.  Easy enough even for me!  I went down to the local Hammer Hardware and picked up the steel wool, which if I remember correctly was 0000, and cost about $6 for a pack of 5 – I used one per chair as they disintegrated after a while.

My tool!

I unscrewed the chair, careful to keep all the hardware as I am exceptional at losing things!

The chair in pieces

Here is a ‘before’ shot of the chrome.  It wasn’t in terrible condition, I’m not sure how well this would work if you had full-on corrosion, I guess you’d have a more pitted result.

Spots of rust on the chair leg

I got going with the cleaning, using the steel wool to rub down the chrome and it worked quickly and easily.

Mid clean

This was the result – the ‘after’ shot.

The chrome cleaned up beautifully!

Easy-peasy!  Wish I’d done it earlier as it made a huge difference to the chairs and was so simple to do.

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